Squirrels attack!

Yay, I’ve finished off my bibliography which is due on Monday, and started the two big-ish things that are due the week after: my short story and my Shakespeare paper. I’m feeling very productive right now for some reason. Not complaining though. ^-^

Also, the blanket I’m crocheting is coming along nicely. It’s way too small if I keep it at the 48 squares the instructions tell me to make, so I’m making it bigger. 5x6 or 5x7 instead of the 3x4. We’ll have to see once I’ve attached the rest of the squares I’ve made so far. And, I’ve finished my mom’s present. It’s so nice, I almost want to keep it for myself. But I won’t. I chose everything for her and it’s gonna be hers. I’ll just have to make one for myself at some point. There will be pics up of them eventually.

As I was on my way to the library, I saw squirrels on the Oval. Not that special in itself, there are a lot of squirrels on campus. But the three that I saw playing were just so cute! Then there was a nutty squirrel trying to dig something up from the ground. Usually, I like squirrels. They keep me entertained as I walk to class in the mornings. But why on earth do they try to pelt me with acorns from the trees?? Today was the second time in four days that I’ve almost gotten hit by stuff flying from the tress. Okay, so I’m not totally sure it was a squirrel doing it, could’ve been a bird just knocking stuff down by accident, but still! I like my head the way it is, no need for bumps to give it character. Grr.. vicious little creatures. Cute, but vicious.