EVE Online Time Cards - 60 days for $34.99

You can pay for EVE Online in two ways, either a with a credit/debit card subscriptions or with time cards. Time cards were traditionally bought in shops and provided people with plastic (usually under 18s) a way t pay for online games. I’m telling you this now for two reasons:

Firstly, to advertise blatant links for an affiliate scheme I joined that sells them. The actually seller is Shattered Crystal whom I buy from myself.

Secondly, for any European players, time cards are the cheapest way to pay for EVE Online. If you pay by credit card you pay a regional price in your local currency that was fixed some time ago. If you buy time cards you pay whatever the cheapest you can find is. Because of changes in the exchange rate of the Euro to the US dollar, time cards now cost fewer Euros than before.

The price for an EVE time code is currently:

  • 60 days game time - $34.99 (approximately 25€)

About Shattered Crystal

Shattered Crystal sell time cards and registration codes for many online games. Generally speaking they don’t sell other things (such as in game currency) that violate game’s EULA but it seems they may be starting (which is a shame but they don’t for EVE Online yet). When you order you get the code via email. On your first order however they may telephone you to confirm your details first.

They also listed on the EVE Online website as an official time card seller. Another reason why I doubt they’ll start selling ISK soon…

And like any good affiliate scheme they have a referral scheme you can join.

EVE Online Time Cards