Finally! It's raining. ^_^

There’s just something that I like about getting up before everyone else, drinking tea and hearing the rain come down. Calming.

Getting checks is a real pain here in Finland. Okay, so on Friday we went to Lahti to get some from Sampo. The girl we got looked like she had no clue what she was doing, jumping up from her seat all the time to go ask someone if they knew. Supposedly the person who handles checks was on vacation and no one knew how to do it. So we went to Nordea. There they knew what a check was (unlike the girl.. we even had to explain what a check looked like) and everything went fine. The only really annoying this is that since checks aren’t used in Finland, when you ask for one it’ll cost you 22,10 €! *rolls eyes* Okay, so if it would’ve only been one check that we needed, I’d still be okay with that. But silly UWA wants two separate checks. One as the acceptance fee and the other for the two extra nights of accommodation that I’ll need for the New Students Induction Weekend. In the end, we have the two checks and all of the papers can be mailed as soon as I find one more passport photo of myself. Mom said she might have some in the yksiö, but she won’t let me go look for them. So she’d better do it today or then we’re going to get the pics done in Helsinki tomorrow. The papers have to be mailed tomorrow. They need to be in Aberystwyth by Friday. So I’m taking no chances in case the mail gets to Wales slower than to England. Shouldn’t do, but still… you never know.

Going over to Krisi’s tomorrow. Before that I’m meeting Wind. Haven’t seen them since.. February? Wow, that’s ages. Probably should call Auri too.. ask if she has the time to meet up either tomorrow or Tuesday. Too bad I always have to lump these social thingies together. Can’t really space them out evenly. I’m leaving in about a week which means that I don’t have the opportunity to meet them later.

There’s sinilevä in Syväjärvi. ;_; So yesterday when we went swimming we had to go to.. erm, I don’t actually know the name of the lake where we were. But the water was great. So was the sand at the bottom of the lake. Way better than the stuff they have in Syväjärvi. It’s just too bad that it’s too far away to walk to. Syväjärvi is a nice walk away, but this one.. well, either bikes or then by car. Unless you’ve got the whole day or you’re some speed-walker, then walking is out of the question.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have huge hands. And short fingers. I’ve just been looking at my hands and.. like I said, they’re huge. My hands are even bigger than Oliver’s.. which is kinda weird. It’s normal that they’re bigger than Krisi’s (since she is such a tiny cute person anyway, so it’d make sense that her hands are tiny and cute too). At least it runs in the family. Even Jade has big hands. Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that Finns used to need to cut down trees to make their houses (I’m talking about before machines were invented) and holding the axe was easier when the hands were bigger. Got a better grip or something.

Meh, rambling again.. I’ll go get dressed now.