More late night babbling.. but this time it’s caffeine induced!

And I’ve finished the fourth chapter. o/ Dunno if drinking two cups of Persian Earl Grey tea helped or not, but I’m still happy. I would’ve gotten it done earlier, but a certain someone keeps sending me text messages and interrupting my train of thought. At least it’s done now. No clue right now how I’ll continue it, but maybe it’ll come to me tomorrow. Or then the night after that..

Anywayz, I’ve bought my ticket to go back to England. Leaving on the 26th. Jaz is (most likely) taking the same plane with me and then spending the first night at Anji’s with us before going over to Piia’s… My ticket only cost 31,10 €. ^_^ That’s including all of the taxes, etc. I also got a letter from Aberystwyth today telling me which hall I’ll be staying in next year. It’ll be Rosser… en-suite bathroom! Don’t know does that include a shower as well or just a toilet. But either way, I’ll be happy. Sure it’s like £200 more expensive than the other rooms, but no sharing. It’ll be nice having my own bathroom. And one of the pieces of paper said that there’ll be a vacuum cleaner on each floor so no more waiting around for a cleaner to come over. I get to vacuum! o/

Okay, going to bed now. Suddenly I’m all drained…