MA possibilities

I think I know where I’d like to go do an MA if I decide to do one. Manchester offers an MA in Creative Writing where the “dissertation” is a piece of creative writing of 15,000 words. Sounds a whole lot better than having to do an actual dissertation. But the thing is, they only take 36 students. So I don’t really know what my chances are of getting in the program. I mean, I could do an MA at Sheffield, but they don’t offer Creative Writing MAs. Which means that I’d have to do an actual dissertation in literature or history or something. Just writing a 3000 word essay makes me feel like banging my head against a wall so the thought of writing something that’s five times the length of my previous essays… :( At least I’ve got until February before I have to hand in my application to Manchester. And, if I do get in to Manchester, then it’s only a 50 min commute by train from Sheffield (where I’ll be living with Oliver). So it’s doable. Knitting time! :D

Life’s scary. O.O