It’s hailing… hail

Yep, it’s May and we’ve got white mountains! It started yesterday with the freezing rain and today we got hail. It’s so unfair. On Tuesday, wonderful weather. Like +25C (or high 70s, low 80s for you Farenheit folks). And now it’s cold. >_<

I’ve been working on some Pomatomus socks in this pretty self-striping red/pink/orange/white with black twisted around it. I was a bit iffy about doing the pattern at first, but I decided to give it a go, since it is a Cookie A pattern. She does wonderful patterns. You know the pink socks that I made? Hedera was her pattern. I’m thinking of buying her Rhiannon and Gothic Spires patterns, but I haven’t quite made up my mind yet.

I went shopping; bought $70 worth of stuff on Wednesday. But I’ve now got the Folk Shawls book that I couldn’t get on And I stopped by Joseph’s Coat on my way back, got some sock yarn (the stuff I’m making the Pomatomus socks in) and fondled a lot of skeins. Okay, get this. They’re selling fingering weight bamboo yarn for $2/oz. Only $2!!! So I’ve picked out the shawl pattern that I want to make and on Monday after Kerry is done with her school stuff, I’m taking her to Joseph’s Coat because she has to see the bamboo yarn, the soysilk and bison yarn! I’m so buying some of that bison yarn. Because you can only get it from here. It’s holiday yarn.

I packed my bigger suitcase yesterday. Which made me realize that my packing estimations are way off. I need to ship my bedding. So I’ll go buy a box from the shipping place in the UC after I’ve sold my school books. So if I can stuff my bedding into that box and some of my yarn stash (yes it’s growing), the rest should fit into my suitcases and still be within the weight limits. *crosses fingers*

And I need to go to my final class of the year! w00! And almost all of my papers are done. Just need to expand one more paragraph in my Medieval Lit paper and give some examples that help define seduction for my last one pager. *grin*

This time next week, I will be in Minneapolis airport waiting to board my next flight. Or then I will be on that next flight. I’m not sure. I need to look that up.

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