Unintended punning (most of which only I’ll get, but oh well)

Feeling less guilty now. I started my final paper tonight. I only have like the introductory paragraph written and it’s only a provisional one, but it’s still something. And I named my paper too! Heh, I just realized that pun. I’m writing about how names affect identity. ^-^;; And the reason why I was feeling guilty was that I did not do any homework on Monday or yesterday. Brain go kaplou-ey from the riddle essay that I churned (another pun! what is it with me tonight??) out during the weekend.

Anyway… uhm… Oh, my Lisa Souza yarn has apparently arrived. It’s now waiting patiently in Oliver’s parents’ dining room for me to go claim it. Lovely yarn-y goodness. Another reason to want to leave Missoula! I mean, I’ll miss this place, I love it here, but school is driving me nuts. On the plus side, it’s gorgeous and ubercheap knitting stuff is available here, but… I still miss Aber as well. And I don’t get to see Oliver as often as I’d like while I’m here. I just got so used to being able to just decide to jump on the train on Thursday/Friday and travel for five hours (I used to try to do homework, but now I’ve got a better idea: play the knitting game a la Brenda Dayne!) and then I’d see him! I’m like mentally already packed up (seriously, I pack things in my mind first, sorta like a puzzle) and heading to the airport. And then I realize that I can’t pack my bigger suitcase until I’ve done laundry and I can’t do that until I’ve got enough dirty clothes to get proper loads and then I feel guilty for just sitting and knitting when I should be writing my final NI paper and two mini essays that are due next week… But I sure do have pretty socks. Even the dinner lady at the Food Zoo thinks so. She wanted me to bring some of my knitting with me so that I could show her, which I did tonight (I’m such an attention whore when it comes to my knitting) and I gave her the links to the sock patterns I’ve used.

And I should go read one more book that I got from the library today (research! w00! o/).