I’m in Aber!

My dad did eventually show up at 10 a.m. He’d been stuck on the M1 for two hours. So we quickly packed up the car and off we went! Let me just say that the road from Sheffield to Glossop has some really beautiful scenery. The Peak District is awesome. ^-^ So is Northern Wales. The dense greenery, the huge Bala Lake that we passed, the hilly-ness of it all. Love love love. And speaking of wonderful views… I LOVE my room! It’s right on the seafront. I wake up to hearing the waves crashing on the beach, then I get to see it once I’ve opened the curtains that just let the light flood in. The way the sea changes color and is multiple colors at the same time. The white caps all over dotting the surface. How the peeking sunlight forces its way through the clouds. The wind blowing seamist everywhere… Can you tell yet that I adore this place?

Well, we got to Aber at around three o’clock. I checked in, got my keys and then schlepped all of my stuff in. My dad took a four hour nap while I unpacked and chatted with my new flatmates. There are four of us in total, all of us studying English (at least I think we all did English, not too sure about Freddy). Anywayz, I’ve talked to Sarah and Tom the most so far, but I did run into Freddy in the morning. All of us except Freddy are in our final year. I do have at least one thing in common with Freddy though: Civ4. He saw it this morning when he was using my computer to register for his classes (the same way I used Sarah’s to register for my classes).

So I didn’t really do that much yesterday. Today, I had breakfast with my dad, then a bit later we went up to the Penglais campus so I could find out what my schedule is going to be like and then we were off to Morrison’s to do some stocking up. Oh the amount of stuff that was bought… *shakes head*. I should be fine with all of that for at least a month. Of course, I’m not talking about the perishables, but I’ve got enough grain-y stuff to last me quite a long time!

Just a little while ago before my dad left again, he cooked me a proper steak with an excellent creamy pepper sauce. There was some extra sauce so that’s in the fridge waiting for me to use it up some time soon. ^_^

Ooh and my dad said that I’d lost some weight! Yay. Hopefully I’ll lose some more now that I need to climb that hill at least once a week and have to get pretty much everywhere I need to go by using my two feet. :)