I actually seem to have a life

Went to a pub quiz tonight with Alison and her friends. Came in fourth. There was this one guy who gives me the heebiejeebies if I look at him too long. Especially if I look him in the eyes. I mean, he’s nice and funny and smart and all but just looking into his eyes makes me really uncomfortable which is really weird because I usually have no problem looking people in the eye. This guy though…*shakes head* Probably going again next week. :) I looked awesome tonight though, even if I do say so myself. My hair cooperated, make-up looked good and the shirt that I wore… Well, even though it was pretty low cut, I thought it looked great. And low cut shirts usually don’t look good on me because my “assets” aren’t big enough to make them worth it. But this shirt, *excellent* buy. ;) As Mel said, or so I’ve been told by Oliver, I at least know how to best “display” myself to make me seem bigger than I am. She had been talking about chest sizes with Oliver and he had said that he prefers smaller chests to big ones and that suprised her because Oliver seemed to go for well-endowed women. He pointed out that I’m not that big (seriously, my 36B is not big) and she doesn’t seem to agree with him… XD

Started watching Jem & the Holograms again today. Been singing along to them. How pathetic is it that I still remember all of the words to their songs?

Had a blast dancing with Tom today. Our styles really mesh well. And when we were forced to swap partners, well… neither one of us was too happy with our new partners. My two didn’t lead and his two wouldn’t follow. I feel more confident dancing with Tom, possibly because his grip is strong and he’s got enough strength to put me where he wants me to go. XP

Been writing a lot today. Just sat in the kitchen drinking my decaff coffee (because caffeine just makes me bounce off the walls until unholy hours of the night) and writing for my portfolio. It’s “due” in less than two weeks. Meaning that I need to have it done, printed and handed in by Halloween before I leave. It’s not actually due until the Monday after Halloween. But this way, I get more time to work on my other portfolio which is due on the following Monday. :)

And now, I’m gonna type up what I wrote earlier and edit what I’ve already got. For some reason I’m productive at night when I feel like I’m going to just pass out because I’m so tired. Gotta love weird body clocks.

P.S. The Cute Teacher showed up in my dream last night. Cannot remember what exactly happened, but I know that he was there. And that there was a cliff made of smooth stones (the kind that can be found on the North Beach). And some weird water racing. And chocolate.