Connected again

I love watching the sea. Especially when there are bigger waves than usual. Like right now. :)

My internet connection decided to die on me last night at around 8:30. Tried restarting, unplugging the cable, all that jazz. Nada. So this morning I called the Network helpline people (I got their number from reception downstairs). They said that they’re working on fixing it. Being the impatient being that I am sometimes, I decided to pay them a visit personally if the connection had not rectified itself by the time I had to leave. God, that sounds ominous. What I meant was that since I was going to be in that building today anyway (had to print off an assignment at the library) I’d stop by and ask again. So I did and they asked me all sorts of questions like do I know my IP address (yeah, right, I have the memorized just for emergencies like this *rolls eyes*) and did I have my laptop with me (Uh, no. It’s heavy. Not lugging it up the hill unless I really have to). Eventually, they wound up printing off some instructions on how to reconfigure my connection settings and if that didn’t solve it, I should bring my laptop up tomorrow for them to take a look at it and help me solve the problem. Luckily, their printed mojo worked. ^_^

Had another class with the cute teacher. *grin* And now he knows that the J in my name is not like “jam” but like “yes”. I’m trying to get the original pronounciation established around here. Sounds more exotic that way. Therefore, I am more interesting. *nods* We got an interesting assignment for next week. We have to “spy” on someone, take note of every little detail and then imagine what their partner is like. Once that’s done, we need to write a short scenario with the two of them interacting. This is supposed to help us define and write a whole character, not just one aspect of it. Hey, if it lets me do people watching, I’m all for it. But he did say that we shouldn’t stalk people because “there are rules against that sort of thing”. XD

I’m off to knit again. I started making an Isabella in light green for myself last night. I just hope that my gauge is right this time. The baby pink one I made last spring turned out to be too big for me. *sniffle* But at least it made a nice graduation present for my sister. :)