And the writing has begun

I like taking showers. They let me think. AND I get brilliant ideas for portfolios somewhere in between rinsing out the shampoo and slathering on the peppermint scented shower gel I bought from Bath & Body Works while I was in Montana. Just spent the last 45 mins writing and editing one piece of my portfolio that I need to get done before Halloween. Not bad, even if I say so myself. Some days, especially after writing a lot, I just feel like I’m a genius. Some of the stuff is pretty good actually. Or at least that’s how I’m feeling right now. Let’s wait until I actually have to hand it in and see if I’m sweating bullets then. XD Anyway, this portfolio isn’t due until Nov. 5th, but that’s reading week (which I’ll be spending in Sheffield) and I’m already going over to Oliver’s on Halloween, so I need to hand in my portfolio before I leave. Otherwise it’ll be very expensive to come here, drop it off and go back again or it’ll cost me a whole lot of points. Neither is an option I’m willing to entertain. So I’ve got about two weeks to get it done. I can work on my other portfolio while I’m in Sheffield since that isn’t due until the next Monday. Everyone is already talking about their dissertations and how they have no idea of what they’re going to do them on. I feel just a tad smug about my situation: One, my “dissertation” is only 6,000 words with a 2,000 word commentary (I swear, they need to let me write more than 6,000 words, that’s so not enough for someone like me who likes to ramble) and two, I’ve already begun mine and have about 3,000 words so far! And I’m not even past the introduction yet! Gah. I see lots of editing ahead of me. And I’m thinking about participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Don’t know if I have a whole 50,000 word novel in me, but hey, it’s an excuse to write (as if I need one). It’s gonna be a busy Novemeber. Especially if I decide to compete in the dance competitions as well!

Still knitting the Isabella, haven’t made too much progress on it, haven’t even gotten to the increases yet! On the other hand, I have been busy with Christmas gifts. So it’s not too bad. I still want to buy yarn and roving though. But even more than I desire buying *more* yarn, I want to use up all of the stuff I’ve got in my stash so I can actually justify buying some.

Ran into the cute teacher again today. Wasn’t looking my best today (who is on Mondays?) with my hair doing its weird fly away curly poofy thing. Unlike on Friday when I ran into him when I was on my way to the train station to meet Oliver (I had actually made an effort to do my hair and look nice in general). Ah well. Then again, he looked like he needed another dose of caffeine, so maybe Mondays are just evil in general?

Okay, my stash is calling me. Shall watch an episode of Buffy before going to bed (even though I know that it’s 1 am right now and *should* be going to sleep).