Found a "new" drink

I love love love honey tea. For the life of me, I can’t remember why I don’t buy honey unless I’ve got a cold. So there is one good thing about this cold. Rediscovering a lovely hot drink.

Been working on my portfolio and knitting Isabella.

Pigeons keep trying to fly into my room, but even though my window’s open, the gap’s not big enough for them to come in: Free entertainment. XD But, there happens to be pigeon crap in the kitchen because someone keeps leaving the window open and letting them in. I refuse to clean it up this time. I’ve already been suckered into obsessively cleaning the stove; I’m not wiping up pigeon droppings as well. That job can be left to the person who keeps using my utensils (I don’t mind that part) and washes them after use (don’t mind this either) but leaves the soap to dry onto them instead of rinsing. Grr. This does seem to be a British habit though. I can count on two fingers the number of British people I know who rinse the dishes after washing them. The rest… Yum, soap.