And, my dear friends, I believe I have just completed my first portfolio. 2,646 words about obsessions. And I didn’t even realize all of the pieces I wrote for the portfolio were about some sort of obsession until just now as I wrote the closing lines of my commentary. But yep, I quickly read through my portfolio and all five pieces are some form of an obsession.

Apparently, I am very interested in obsessions right now. At least I know I’m pretty good at writing about them. Y’see, today’s seminar was about how a piece of clothing tells you something about the person who owns/wears it. And I wrote a short piece about The Knitter who apparently is a bit loopy (I didn’t realize quite how crazy I had made them!) and everyone loved it. It was the only one that made people laugh and actually *talk* about.

Quick sidenote: It’s not too obsessive to notice if your needles are half a millimeter too thick for the yarn, is it? Because, that leads to gauge problems right?

At least I don’t hear my yarn talk to me unlike The Knitter. XP So if y’all wanna read about a loopy knitter (and I -just- got all of the possible meanings for loopy in this context), lemme know and I’ll e-mail it to ya. ;) It’s only a page long and feedback would be nice… *hinthint*

Took my breadloaf ends out to the beach today and fed the birds as I watched the sun set. Really pretty and no clouds! The pinks in the horizon and the gold drops of liquid light reflecting on the blue-green water… Beauteous I tell you, beauteous.