My two hobbies have taken over my life…

I can tell that I’m about to get my period. During the last few hours I’ve been really happy (found some awesome Bailey’s ice cream!), very annoyed at Martin (I do not want to be cooked alive while showering, thankyouverymuch), kinda down and not in the mood to work on my second portfolio, had weird cravings for salt and then something sweet, feeling very bloated and then content again when I put on my Monkey socks that had been warmed up on the radiator. Gotta love hormones. o_O;;

Oh, and then there’s the teensy little panic about the competition on Saturday. I haven’t really been able to practice much with Alan; today’s session was cancelled and tomorrow we’ve only got about two hours out of four since he’s got lectures and stuff he can’t miss (I, on the other hand, have decided to skip that one rescheduled seminar). Then there’s another hour and a half on Friday evening, but that’s it. I have been trying to practice by myself, usually while cooking, but there isn’t a whole lot of space to do much, let alone Quickstep. And that’s one of the dances that I really need to work on with my timing. And I found out that we’re leaving at five a.m. on Saturday, not four like last time. Yay for an extra hour of sleep. ^_^

Kinda bored with the work they’re giving us at school. I’ve just kinda lost interest in it. I got one of my portfolios back today and I should be getting a solid 2.1 if all of my work is like that, but… I’m just not feeling the drive to strive for better writing right now. I want to do well, but what’s the point if I don’t really care about it? The same goes for my knitting. I’ve got two projects on the needles, one of them almost complete, but I kinda have to force myself to work on those. I want to knit a pair of socks, damnit. Not work on a top or shawl. But, gasp!, I don’t have enough yarn to complete a pair of socks and I’m not going to wear mismatched ones. I even tried going yarn shopping today to find more of the three different sock yarns that I have but the store over here either doesn’t carry the brand, the particular line or the colorway that I want. Grr. Did get some needles for the Spring Shawl Surprice (yes, it’s spelled like that, I did not make a typo) that I’m going to do next month. And on Sunday I finally get to fondle my lovely Lisa Souza Alpaca Lace yarn. And the new Knitty is up! Omg omg omg, I want to make practically everything in this issue. Like, seriously. In mad mad love with it. Especially the Jeanie shawl. Now I just need to finish up some projects before casting on something from this issue. Oooh, I might finally find a use for my Baby Alpaca DK yarn that I’ve got. See, this is why I knit. Even just thinking about it perks me up. *grin*