First FO of 2010!

100105 - snow

First of all, the snow is still here. I took that pic on Jan 5th, but the front yard still looks pretty much the same so I didn’t bother taking a new photo. Pretty, isn’t it?

Secondly, even with all of this snow, the buses are still running so I’ve been working during week. This explains why it’s taken me so long to finish any knitting. But I do have an FO! These are the Garden Trellis mitts I knit for a friend’s birthday. Took me about a total of six hours for the pair.

100109 - Garden Trellis

And I’ve finally bought buttons for my Lorelei cardigan and they’re already sewn in. Tomorrow, I’ll try to get O to take pics of me wearing it so I can show it off. ^_^