Good mail day

I lurves my mailman. He actually knocked this time!

Okay, so yesterday I decided to buy some yarn (yeah, like I *need* more, but there ya go). The yarn is from The Knitting Goddess. Bought it yesterday, got here today. Love her service. Anyways, what I got was some 4ply 100% superwash merino in Cinnamon Trio and Indian Summer. The green hank is 2ply 59% cashmere/49% cotton in semi-solid Jade. Add in the shipping and the total came to under £25. Not bad. But but but! Joy, the owner, had included a freebie! It’s a lavender sachet pouch kit. :D

And at the bottom of the pic you can see my cupcake club. Yep, today was an excellent mail day.

Oh and everyone who asked about the yarn I’m using on my socks: it’s Lisa Souza’s Sock! Merino in Printemps. :) I’m using 2,25mm needles with it. Love the tight fabric that creates.