Desiring fiber

I want to buy yarn. Like now. From Lisa Souza. I (heart) Lisa Souza. I want the Alpaca Lace and some Sock! and Sock! Merino wouldn’t hurt either. And I would looooooooooove to get some silk as well. Any silk really. A silk blend even. And Lisa’s colors… *drool* I want Milk & Honey, Emerald City, Mars Quake, Aww-tum, Printemps, Earth Birth, Little Devil, Sky Drama… the list goes on and on and on. I want almost everything that she has dyed. Seriously.

But, *sigh* I have stash. And I do actually want to get through it someday. And I am doing that. It’s just taking a long time. I just have this fear that suddenly Lisa will disappear into the ether and I’ll never get the yarn that I lust after. :(

The back of my Isabella is close to being done. Only 5.5" before I do the neckline shaping and then binding off! Yay! The 1840s scarf is turning out wonderfully. I have a feeling that it’ll take three skeins instead of just two, but that’s okay. I’ve got a third skein of the Rowan 4ply soft in my stash, it’s just a different color. Again, that’s okay because the person who’ll get this for Christmas likes both colors that I’m using.

I really feel like decluttering. That’s why I’m trying to use up all of my perfume/make-up. Then I can go buy more. Ah, I’ve been conditioned to be a consumer. And I want books! And bookshelves to house my books obviously. Storing stuff in a suitcase gets old pretty quickly. Especially when the said storage suitcases are moved into really awkward places that equate never getting to stored items because it’s a pain in the butt to get to them. Ahem. I haven’t experienced it yet personally, but I do know that my Little House and Jane Austen books are in a corner of the universe that isn’t easily accessible. Actually, what I *really* want is my own place (that I will obviously share with Oliver) where the only person who moves things around is me (and Oliver). That way, I know where it is. Simple as that.

Okay, going back to listening to L&V and knitting Isabella.