They’re done!

100129 - bex

The Bex socks are done!

Out of 100g of yarn, I had 3g left. Talk about cutting it close! All in all, I really like the pattern. Got into a nice groove once I had it memorized. The leg portions took forever (approx 2 mins per needle, yes I’m a dork and timed myself while knitting during my lunchbreak at work). The foot just zoomed by in comparison.

So now I’m taking a small break from cabling and cast on the Bitterroot shawl from Knitty. Since I’m using the yarn from the first Sip N Stitch shipment (The Unique Sheep Luxe (75/25 merino/silk) in Joe Van Gogh), I’m making the shawlette size. I’ve already completed one repeat of Chart A. ^_^