February’s always busy

100227 - team

I’ve been busy, but I have a good reason for my absence! See the above pic? *That* is what I’ve been up to. IVDC (InterVarsity Dance Competition) was held last Saturday at Blackpool. Once again, I got to dance in the Empress Ballroom in pretty dresses. :D

I’d say that Ian and I did quite well. We entered Novice and out of about 170 couples, we made it to 40th in the Ballroom dances. But only 101st in the Latin dances. Still, considering that Ian totally forgot our routine at the previous comp, getting through a round at IVDC on an almost improvised Jive routine (learned it the week before) is quite good.

Oliver was dancing in the ex-student category, so he wasn’t competing against me. He and Eleanor won fifth in the ballroom dances and came home with a shiny trophy.

Then it came time for the team match. Ian & I were chosen to dance the Waltz since that’s what we’re the best at. No ex-students were allowed in the team match, so we were bumped up to A Team this time. Believe it or not, we as a team won second place in Division 2! I’ve got a medal to show for it too. Engraved with “2nd” and everything. :D

Now, Ian wants to compete at the next open comp which is being held in Stockport on the 14th. I said sure, why not? And then we found out that it’s not WQCJ, it’s WFCJ for our category! I don’t know any Foxtrot! Well, I was taught a few steps on Monday, but we don’t quite have a routine. So Oliver’s coming with me this Saturday to dance practice and he’ll show Ian’s corresponding steps to what I was taught on Monday. The 14th will be interesting if nothing else.