Blanket progress: 216/864

100806 - blanket progress

Those two bags now contain 1/4 of the blanket. 216 squares. So it’s coming along. But, I’m now almost out of leftover yarn to use for it. So I’ve just wound the yarn I got from the final coffee Sip N Stitch shipment: Footprints in Quechua. I adore the colors. It shall become socks. Spindle socks by Anna Bell to be exact. Since it’s sport weight, I’m expecting them to go by quickly. I’ve also decided to just use one of my handspun for the blanket entirely. It’s too rough to actually make a garment out of it, but it should be fine as a part of squares.

And speaking of handspun, I’ve also brought down from the stash room some fibre. 100% Shetland wool, one of the fibre club shipments from Wildcraft last year. It’s all greens with a bit of yellow and some black in it. Hopefully, it’ll grow up to be a hat.

On Wednesday I cast on Laminaria. So far I have two repeats of the star chart done. At first I wasn’t sure I liked how the stars look, but they’ve grown on me. Since I’m doing the shawl size, I’ve still got four more repeats of the star chart to go before changing to the next one.