1/16th of the way there!

Just hit 54 squares. That’s 1/16th of the amount I need. Still have a long way to go.

But the funny thing is, it just hit me that the amount of leftover sock yarn that I have right now won’t be enough to complete the blanket. So that means I need to knit more socks, right? Right. So I just spent over an hour perusing my pattern queue on Ravelry and looking at my stash options. Turns out that I don’t have as much sock yarn as I thought. Only 24 full skeins and not all of that is suitable for socks (like my Handmaiden Sea Silk!). Then when I had finally settled on my next pair and what yarn to use even though I wasn’t quite feeling the mojo, I rummaged around the craft sack I have down in the living room and found a bag of leftovers. Ta-dah, problem solved. I’ll just keep using up that before I feel like casting on a pair of socks again. No point in casting on a project that I’m not quite in the mood for.