Happy August!

Little bits of stuff have happened since I posted last week.

- It’s August! Yay! This means cooler temps (not that it’s gotten that hot over here anyway), but the cooler temps also mean that I get to break out my handknit sweaters again. Turns out that I don’t have a lot of summer clothing that can be worn to the office. But sweaters fix that problem nicely.

- Speaking of sweaters, I’ve almost got an FO to show. Just need to seam up the sleeves and add the ribbon into the neckline, then my Sheerly There sweater’s done. I shall do that today.

- We have our plane tickets to Chicago!

- The cherry tree is still producing loads of cherries. No clue what to do with them all.

- The weeds in the driveway are still driving me nuts. Why won’t they just die and go away like I want them to?

- Dancing starts up again in two months! Must build up endurance if I want to do the Viennese Waltz without dying. Same goes for Jive actually. So I’ve taken up jumping rope for a few minutes a day (hoping to build up to being able to jump for at least 15 minutes non-stop). I’ve also been talking to my older sis and it has encouraged me to really try losing weight again. So we’ll see how that goes…