Polly Jean

101016 - pollyjean04

Finally a picture of my finished Polly Jeans (there are more pics and details on my Rav projects page)! Or well, of me just wearing one. It’s been a pretty wet and dreary day here, so it was hard to find good light. Turns out that the best light was on the kitchen counter. And that’s exactly where my foot is. You can see in the background the paper towel roll and the black wire is connected to the fridge (which is why I didn’t unplug it to move it away from the background!). All in all, these socks were fine to knit. Not awesome, just fine. The repeat is easily memorized, but I kept messing up on the heel flaps (had to rip back both flaps at least twice and I wasn’t even knitting these at the same time). And I forgot to do the pretty toe pattern decrease and by the time I noticed that, I’d already kitchenered the toe so I just decided to make the second one to match.

My dad texted me yesterday. Apparently, it has snowed in Finland and he just wanted to let me know how great it is wearing the hat I knit for him last year as a Christmas present. I take it this means that my mom hasn’t managed to throw it in the washing machine and felt into a little bowl (just a little worry of mine ever since she felted the socks I knit for her (Twisted Flower by Cookie A) and the Baudelaires (also by Cookie A) I knit for Jaz).

And finally, a sweater update: Snow White is progressing. I now have a sleeve and the second one has been cast on. I’m hoping to get the cuff done by tonight so by next weekend I should have a finished sweater. Yay.