Snow White

101024 - Snow White02

Proof that my Snow White is done! Whenever I’ve put it on, I haven’t wanted to take it off. The yarn is so soft and warm. ^_^ The knitting went really quickly (I’ve never finished the body of a sweater in just two days before this!) and the only thing that slowed me down was trying to find the right sized circs for the sleeves. Some people on Ravelry have said that they probably would’ve knit a size up because they’re not used to sweaters being so close fitting, but I knew going in that this one would have 2" negative ease on me so I expected it to be tighter than my other sweaters. I probably won’t knit it again because I really don’t need two sweaters that are identical, even if they are different colors. But I do recommend the pattern. Really easy to follow and I didn’t find any mistakes in the size I knit (40"). The only thing I had to look up was how to do the picot bind off and then play around until I found the right amount of sts and where to place them to get the look that I wanted.