More knitting stuff

I’ve just finished the mittens I talked about last week. Tried them on now that they had thumbs (pre-blocking) and they’re still snug. As long as I don’t have long nails, I’m fine with them. So now they’ve had a bath and hopefully once dry they’ll have stretched enough to be comfortable. On the whole, they’re very pretty. And the pattern’s fairly easy (even though I still think that the thumb gusset is way too short).

Since I can’t cast on my next pair of socks until Feb 1st (part of the KAL prize rules), I’ll be casting on Annis with some lovely blue laceweight that Emma Jane gave me for my birthday last year. I think I’ll be substituting the nupps with beads. Nothing against nupps, but I just feel like trying beads for this one.

As for my ankle? I went to dance practice on Friday, hurt it again during Quickstep (it’s always Quickstep!) so now I’ve got an ankle support strap thingy on it and won’t be dancing again until the comp on Saturday. I’d love to practice beforehand, but I don’t want to risk it. I want to be able to compete, darn it.

And speaking of dancing, I gotta go drive O to practice. Next week, there’ll hopefully be a picture of mittens that fit!