Still here, still knitting

101224 - dinner (768x1024)

That picture there? Christmas Eve dinner. So delicious. That’s exactly what I wanted. Didn’t care about presents, just wanted the fish. And boy did I get my fish. :D (It’s a bit odd really, that I can’t find fish I like here in the UK. It’s an island for crying out loud! There should be lots of fish. But no, I can’t find fish I like. /rant)

Anyway, December happened. The dance comp kinda threw off my blogging groove. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The snow came, then I worked tons of overtime to make up for not going to work because of the snow and then for leaving early to fly to Finland for Christmas and then we were short staffed and really, I was just plain tired most days. So I knit. And did not blog. And played lots of Rock Band 3. O & I spent New Year’s Eve by playing Rock Band 3 and Halo with two of our friends. (Well, the boys played Halo. I played Civ5 on my laptop.) Oh and a pipe burst in our kitchen the day that I left! So that was interesting news when I spoke with O the following day. Things are fine now. Our landlords are really great. We have a problem? They try to fix it asap.

I’m still planning on getting a bookcase and O wants a games table, so it looks like we’ll be going to IKEA at some point (unless I can find them in a charity shop first). I have cleaned out the yellow room a bit and now I’ve got plans for that, but I’ll need O’s help so that might not happen for awhile. And if I rearrange stuff up in the purple room, then I might be able to turn that into my little sewing corner.

I have finally updated my Rav projects. Pictures have been uploaded. Lots of pretty things. And speaking of knitting, I’ve just finished a pair of socks! The very first pair for 2011 was Cookie A’s Pointelle pattern. The yarn I used was Cascade Heritage Sock that I bought while in Chicago a few months ago. I’ve already cast on something else, but I won’t talk about that until it’s ready for its debut. I will be needing test knitters again, if anyone wants to volunteer?