Blocking will fix it, right?

So, apparently I’ve got freakishly large hands. I’ll back up a bit:

I’m knitting this really pretty colorwork mitten (Andalus by Heather Desserud). I picked a gorgeous orange and yellow so that I could wear the mittens with my Haruni shawlette. I waited three months for the yarn to arrive. I finally get my yarn and cast on about a week ago. The mitten comes in two sizes: small (knit in fingering weight) and large (knit in sport weight). The gauge for both is 10 sts/10 rows = 1 inch. I figured that since I’m getting 9sts/8 rows per inch, I should be fine. I am aware that I’ve got large hands, even if they don’t look out of proportion with the rest of me (they go with my large feet). Another tiny gripe about the pattern, even though it says sizes small and large, it doesn’t give exact measurements for either. Just how big is large? What’s the total length of the mittens? Just something to give me a better idea of what I’d need to change about my gauge to get the size that I want.

My first stumbling block came when it was time to separate for the thumb. It came way too early if I wanted the mittens to fit comfortably and be long enough at the wrist. One expects the cuff pattern to be on the wrist, n’est-ce pas? Not halfway on the palm. So I delayed the thumb gusset separation by about seven rounds. Now the cuff is where it’s supposed to be and the thumb opening is where I want it to be. The only problem is… now it looks like the mittens are too short. They’re uncomfortable at the top where the decreases are (and I can’t change where to decrease/just knit more rows until the correct length since it’s all worked into the pattern).

So now I’ve got my fingers crossed: blocking will magically give it an extra half inch to an inch and make them fit right. Right?

(P.S. If you want pretty feet, don’t dance. Both of my feet now have lovely purple-y patterning from the bruises I got during yesterday’s dance practice. And a swollen ankle from landing awkwardly during a scatter chassée. Just an FYI.)