Additions to the household

From Blog photos

Meet Chicken #1 and Chicken #2. They don’t have names yet. Probably never will. Why do I have chickens? Well, some of you may know about Beyonce the metal chicken. I told this story to O’s mother and ended it with: “You know, I kinda want one now.” Two weeks later, I’ve got chickens guarding my plant pot (which is full of weeds). She’s awesome that way. Doesn’t think I’m silly for wanting chickens, just goes out and finds me some. So today, while it was very sunny and warm out, I sat next to the chickens knitting and listening to Chop Bard (currently working my way through The Tempest).

Anyhoo, knitting news. Twisted Flowers are done. I love the colour. It’s so happy. There’s a picture of them on my Ravelry project page if anyone’s interested. I’ve started a pair of Stalagmites (again, by Cookie A). They look great, but omg the knitting is going by so slowly! I think it’s partly because I have to keep checking which chart I’m on and that slows me down (for some reason I just can’t seem to memorise this pattern). But I’ve made it past the heel and am about halfway through the gusset on the left sock. Definitely not portable knitting. But I’ve got my yarn wound for some (hopefully!) portable socks: Dawn Gnot by Heather Zoppetti. I’ll probably cast those on tomorrow during my lunch. Which reminds me, I should probably print out the pattern…

And there are more additions to my stash! Since I loved the base on my Twisted Flower socks so much, I bought more from Stitches ‘N Rows! I got the colourways Bombay Sapphire and Moody. The package originally arrived on Wednesday (so it took about a week to get here from the US), but since no one was in to accept it, I had it redelivered on Saturday. The yarn looks so much better in person. It’s so intense. Better than Wollmeise, imo. And a lot softer! I’ve also heard that they’re getting a new base, merino/cashmere/nylon if I remember correctly. I can’t wait until they’ve got that so I can send them a custom dye request. :D

Oh and I’ve finally got some Signature needles! O and R bought me a circ each, so now I’ve got 3.75mm and 4mm circs waiting to be used. I just need to pick a pattern for my green yarn (making a sweater) and off I go. So excited.