Knitting books

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I’ve got more knitting books! Looks like I really should just go to IKEA and buy that bookcase I keep talking about. My knitting book pile just keeps on growing.


Heirloom Knitting by Sharon Miller came in the mail yesterday. Now, while I most likely won’t be knitting any of the patterns in here, I absolutely love all of the stitch patterns in it (the Shetland Bead in particular). That’s why I bought it. So many ideas just bouncing around in my head waiting to be put into patterns of my own. It’s inspiration.

The other book, Modern Knits Vintage Style, was a birthday gift. Shaun pointed out the pattern that made him decide that this book was right for me and I agreed with him. It was the Branching Out pattern, by Susan Pierce Lawrence. I’ve actually already knit this a few years ago when the pattern was released in Knitty. Shaun knows my style well. As for the other patterns in the book, there are quite a few that I’d consider knitting, with slight modifications. For instance the first pattern in the book, Cherry Short-Sleeve Cardigan, is almost perfect as it is. I’d just lose the belt in the middle. Belts just aren’t my thing. The Jacqueline Bouvier Stole looks interesting; I’m intrigued by the Very 1940s Snood; and I haven’t quite made up my mind whether I’d want to knit the Charming Shoulderette as written (in garter stitch) or change it up a bit and knit it in stockinette. So many options. And that’s the great thing about knitting, you can make any pattern to suit your tastes.

In other knitting news, my Dr Seuss Shawl (Omelet from Knitty) is beginning to drive me a bit batty. The rows are just so freakin’ long now. Over 300 sts per row. It’ll be at about 400 sts by the time I need to bind off. Still, only have 13 and a half rows to go (yes, I stopped in the middle of a row, but I’m sure I’ll figure out where in the pattern I was).

My Twisted Flower socks are my mindless knitting. Yes, really. And they’re so happy. The colour is wonderful. The yarn that I’m using is Happy Soles in “I can’t believe it’s not…” from Stitches N Rows on Etsy. And because I’ve fallen in love with that base, I just ordered two more skeins from them last night.

One more thing, before I go back to knitting Omelet and watching Babylon 5: There is a KAL (knit-along) for Bashful Butterflies! So far, I’ve met a ton of new knitters that I just otherwise wouldn’t have met, which is really cool. If you head on over to Google+, contact Jo Price to sign up (since Yana Weinstein is on holiday right now) she’ll let you know the coupon code for 40% off of Bashful Butterflies. Cast on is August 16th, 2011. I’ll try to be around as much as I can, answering questions and just cheering people on.