The Dr Seuss Shawl

From Blog photos

It’s done and blocked! Took me almost a month to knit this (Omelet from, mainly because I could only work on it while at home. And you know what else I discovered today? Photographing green projects in our garden is really tricky. The two others that I deemed worthy enough to be shared with others are posted to the project page on Ravelry. But I love it and can’t wait to wear it. Still a tad too warm to be needing shawls, so for now it’ll just hang out in the living room with my Laminaria.

My Twisted Flowers are coming along nicely. I’m ready for the heel flap on sock #2. I’d be further along if I hadn’t gotten distracted by a new design idea. The pattern’s almost ready to be sent to testers. I’m hoping for it be ready for public consumption by the end of September, but as always, I’ll announce it here on my blog when the pattern’s available for download. I’m also winding yarn for a pair of Dawn Gnots (by Heather Zoppetti). I’ll be using some Woolhunter Ewereka! (100% BFL) that I received as a birthday gift from Lucy last year. I’m tired of not having a portable project so Dawn Gnot it is.

In other news, the attic and the office rooms are finally as organized as they’ll get. Still need to buy a bookshelf and containers from IKEA so I can sort my stash better, but other than that, they’re done! I might even get some sewing done now that there’s space in the attic. We’ll see. Knitting will always be my first addiction, but the pull of sewing a dress for myself is fairly strong right now…