No photo this time

No photo this time. Mainly because there isn’t anything to show. Spinning is still going along as planned. All of the fibre has now been spun up and I’ve even started the plying process. Still madly in love with it. The fibre and colours are wonderful to work with. Can’t wait to knit with the finished yarn.

In knitting news, Secret II (using Handmaiden SeaSilk which was *really* nice to work with) has been bound off. And to celebrate, I’ve cast on a pair of colourwork mittens in the Ruba’iyat pattern by Heather Desserud. I’ve already completed the cuff patterning. I do have one quibble about the pattern so far: there are no finished measurements listed. Which means that even if I get the gauge listed, I’ll have no idea what size my mittens will actually be. So, based on my experience knitting the Andalus mittens by HD, I’m went up to 2,75mm dpns instead of 2,5mm as written. My Andalus mittens are perfect except that they are a tad too short. I’m hoping that my current mittens will be longer, but they’ll also probably be looser since I went up a needle size. If they turn out really massive, I can just wear a pair of gloves underneath like I do with the mittens that my grandma knit for me years ago.

Yesterday, I baked a cake. A Chocolate Cola Cake to be exact. I was a bit dubious about using Coke (well, decaf Diet Coke since that’s what we had at the time) in the cake, but it worked. O went out and bought some “full-fat” Coke to use in the frosting since aspartame does weird things. The cake itself is very moist and a bit gooey. But everyone’s liked it so I’d say it was a success.

Charlotte came over earlier. She’s a friend I met through dancing and today while we watched Persuasion (2007 version) I also taught/reminded her how to knit. She knows how to knit, but hadn’t done it for ages so I basically just taught her how to cast on and then let her have at it. She came over to keep me company for a little bit while O went to a dance comp in Scarborough. He & E did very well. Came 3rd in both Novice and Intermediate Ballroom; came 1st in both Beginners and Novice Latin. The one thing that I’ve noticed while I lack a dance partner: I don’t miss competing, but I do miss being able to dance at dance class. Lately a lot of the Novice classes turn into supervised practices. Which isn’t a lot of fun for the ones who don’t have partners (mainly me and Charlotte). I’ve learned to bring a book with me so that if it does turn into a practice, then I just go sit to the side and read while O dances.

Only one week to go! I’ve been counting down for the last two weeks until we have week off work. I plan on whipping the dining room into shape. I want at least a part of my dining table back, so we’re going to move the table a bit and get some of the computers hidden a bit better (and off the table!). Plus, it’ll be easier to vacuum once all of that has been done. Lame vacation plans, I know, but I’m kind of excited. Might even have enough space to start eating at the table again! ^_^