The last two weeks in photos

So, since I’ve been busy, I’ve decided to just show off some pictures of my last two weeks instead of telling you all about it.

There’s been dancing.

Yorkshire Dance Festival - September 17th 2011 4th place Under 35 Beginner’s Ballroom

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Then there’s been knitting.

I.B. Footsie by Heather Zoppetti - finished the pair this morning

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Then there’s been baking.

Lemon cake topped with fresh whipped cream and strawberries

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Then there’s been shopping.

Sheffield Wool and Textile Craft Fair - Project bag from Sally Made-it and yarn from Fondant Fibres

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And finally there’s been nail polish. What would my life be without nail polish?

The label says Strawberry Fizz - I call it Barbie PINK.

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