Criminal Sock found!

From Blog photos

I finished my Dawn Gnot socks last night (actually wearing them right now, a sure sign summer is on its way out when I need to put on wool socks). They’re from the Criminal Sock Investigations e-book by Heather Zoppetti. Each pattern has a little blurb about what that particular sock has done. I think it’s a nice touch. There’s a KAL for it over on the Ravelry group for it. These are my first pair and I’ve already cast on for my second pair (Desi Myna). I used Woolhunter’s Ewereka Sock in Foxy Lady (a birthday gift from Lucy) on 2.5mm dpns. I also twisted the cables the other way on the second sock like it suggests in the pattern. Used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off for the first time ever. It is super stretchy. As for mods, the back of the leg is supposed to be stockinette stitch, but I changed that to 1x1 ribbing (and added one st) because I wanted to make sure the leg would have enough stretch and snugness at the same time. The pattern itself is fairly easy to memorise after a few repeats, but doing socks toe up on dpns kinda feels like I’m wrestling with a hedgehog in the beginning. While I don’t mind doing socks toe up that much, I definitely prefer knitting them cuff down. That’s the way I’m used to doing them (just like I will only use dpns for socks, magic looping bugs me as does 2 circs).

My Cadence sweater is going along fine. It’s really great TV knitting since most of it is stockinette stitch. I’m almost done with the body decreases, then it’s just straight knitting until I get to the hem ribbing. Then, of course, come the two sleeves. But I’m in no rush with this. I like having it as mindless knitting.

In other news, I got my hair cut today! While for most this isn’t really news, I only get mine cut about once a year. Last time I got it cut was in December 2010. The time before that, January 2010. I like low maintenance, so I chop off a chunk (still have it fairly long, past my shoulders) and then I just let it grow until it bugs me again. And it only really starts to bug me when I have my hair down and it keeps getting trapped in my elbows. My hair smells really yummy right now. I don’t know what the stuff is that they put in it when they blow dry and straighten my hair, but it sure smells nice. It is kinda silly trying to straighten my hair when it’s wet and/or humid. It just sproings back into its weird curls.

I really like this whole having time off work but not going anywhere thing we’re doing. O & I are taking long walks and just talk until the weather or our legs tell us it’s time to go home. And I’m making a lot of progress on my knitting and actually writing up/typing up patterns that I’ve had semi-ready for awhile. I’ve still got 5 days worth of holiday time to use up for this year so I’m planning on having another week off like this sometime in November (probably, will have to check what works for both me & O).