I look like a chipmunk

And no, I’m not going to show a photo of my swollen cheeks. I had two of my wisdom teeth taken out this morning. It went a lot faster than I expected, even with the left upper tooth being stubborn. My dentist really had to work at it and when it finally did come out, she went: “Wow that’s a big one!” I took the day off work and I’m not going dancing tonight either. According to the leaflet I got, physical exertion can cause the sockets to start bleeding again, so I’m staying put. Totally fine by me. Been knitting and crocheting while watching TV. And it’s easier to find soft foods to eat that I don’t have to take with me. Like yoghurt. Been having lots of yoghurt. Mainly because I can’t think of much else that I could have as a snack/small meal.

There isn’t a whole lot of knitting that I can blog about right now. There’s the pair of colourwork mittens that are over half way done. I’m at the thumb gusset of the second mitt. But they don’t really excite me, so I don’t make an effort to work on them. Then there’s the secret knitting which I can’t talk about. And when I need a break from that, I’ve been crocheting more squares for the blanket. At about 520 in total right now (still need to update the sidebar).

No spinning to talk about yet, but I’m thinking of spinning up the Shetland top that bought from the Wool & Textile Craft Fair a few years ago. It’s a pretty brown and white mix (I think they called it Humbug?). Anyway, I see that becoming a nice bulky-ish yarn.

I’ve started re-reading the Little House books again. They’re nice and quick. And comforting. They’re the only series of books that I’m willing to re-read every year. And I’ve discovered that there are spin-offs of the series! I don’t know how good the spin offs are since they’re not written by Laura Ingalls Wilder/edited by her daughter Rose, but I’d still like to see what kinds of stories they are. I have a feeling that they’re not as realistic though, since they’re not based on someone’s actual memories of childhood. Yes, I know, Laura made up some stuff and moved events around chronologically and left stuff out (I wrote a paper about the Little House series while in college, can you tell?), but in the end, the stories are good and captivating. That’s all that matters, right?