The one where I can’t talk about my knitting

So, hi! Happy New Year! December just kinda flew by. Just like last year. And kinda like the year before. Maybe I should just make this a yearly thing, to take a break from blogging in December. It makes sense since I’m at work most of the day and then the rest of the time is spent doing gift knitting so I can’t talk about it anyway.

This year, I kept the gift knitting list small. A bookmark for the Secret Santa thing at work (along with a gift card to the bookstore) and two felted mug cozies for my grandparents. I also sent a pair of mittens (the Ruba’iyat pattern) to my youngest sister, but that wasn’t a Christmas present. But I had other secret knitting to do that I still can’t talk about so moving on to things I can talk about!

I did crochet some more squares for the never-ending FrankenBlanket. No idea how many, but quite a few. I’ve also started spinning up some Shetland fibre that I bought from the Sheffield Wool & Textile Fair a few years ago. It’s a pretty brown and white mix. I’m going to aim for about worsted weight, but I can never tell in the beginning how thick or thin the singles will be. I usually just let the fibre be whatever it wants to be because I can’t be bothered to fight it.

I also received my prize from Pampered Knitting (an Etsy shop) for participating in the Knit.Sock.Love KAL on Rav. Two very cute project bags big enough for a sock project. Both fabrics have ladybugs on them. One has a pretty yellow background, the other a green background with sparkles. Jenna also sent some stitch markers and dpn protectors. It’s an awesome prize.

I may be a bit ramble-y, but that’s because I’ve been up since 5 am today. I got up early to help O do his hair for the competition. And then I just didn’t go back to bed. I had every intention of going back, but then the siren song of the shawl that I’m currently knitting beckoned me into the living and I sat down, put on an episode of Downton Abbey and knit. It’s almost 4:30pm now and I’ve watched like five episodes. I have taken breaks to tidy up the living, do the dishes, tidy up the dining room, vacuum, do two loads of laundry, the ironing… I even had plans to go out for a run. But Downton Abbey sucked me in and I knit. All day. This has been one of the best days ever.

So O’s back. Apparently the competition didn’t go that well. But that’s fine with me. Means that I get more snuggle time with him. We just watched The Simpsons Movie and I had a short power nap while snuggling on the couch with him. I say nap, but really it was more like me resting my head on his chest with my eyes closed but still listening to the movie. This is why I like audiobooks. Quite often I’m tired, but my brain is alert enough to focus on listening as long as I can have my eyes closed.

Anyway, I’m off to watch one more episode of Downton Abbey (O’s best R texted me today to say he’s hooked on it now too!) and knit some more. I’m hoping to finish the body chart of the shawl tonight. This isn’t Super Secret Knitting. It’s a gift for my mom for Mother’s Day (but I may just send it out as soon as it’s done because I want her to have it), so I don’t want to give out too many details until she’s received it. But if you’re on Rav, I’m sure you can figure out which project it is. ;)