A Confession

I have a confession. I get sucked into reality TV shows. It started off with America’s Next Top Model a few years ago. And then some of the spin-offs of it. And some of the Survivor series. Then 16 and Pregnant. And Teen Mom. Some of the Jersey Shore. The Great British Menu (this kind of qualifies even if it’s not the same format as the others).

And my latest reality show addiction? The Biggest Loser. I stayed away from the show at first because I didn’t like how it fixates on numbers. I still think it does that. But, watching everyone working so hard to lose weight is inspiring. It also makes me feel glad that I’m not as heavy as the contestants are. Over-weight, yes. Definitely could lose some weight, but I’m no where near as bad as they are.

The reason why I started watching The Biggest Loser? Because I started the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred programme. I wanted to see how she coached the contestants and compare that to the workout videos. I didn’t want to mention it on the blog yet, but I have been keeping tabs on myself on Twitter and Plurk by posting once I’d completed a workout. Hoo boy, it’s hard. She’s not kidding when she says that you will feel like you’re going to die. But the workouts get easier with time. My endurance has gone way up since Level 1, Day 1.

That being said, today I completed Level 3, Day 1. At the same time, I’m amazed at how much I can now do (like punching and jumping jacks with weights) and how much I still can’t do. I do know that I can do this for another nine days. Will I keep going after that? Probably. Every day? Nope. I know I’m more likely to stick to doing the workout if it’s only three or four times a week. Or I might switch it up and find a different workout to do for awhile. We’ll see.