The Last 3 Weeks


  1. My mom’s shawl is done. Hop on over to my Ravelry project page to see photos. Isn’t it gorgeous? Kinda want to keep it, but the whole time that I was knitting it I knew I was making it for my mom so now when I see it, I just think of her. So I can’t keep it.

  2. O’s sister’s shawl is done. Also very pretty, but I’m not that attached to it. The lace pattern is kinda hidden by the colours, but I picked the yarn because O’s sister’s favourite colour is purple and if it’s worn against a solid light colour, you can see the patterning.

  3. My Damson is done. Had to modify the bind off since I ran out of yarn. The shawlette turned out huge.

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of shawls. And I still want to cast on another. Possibly with beads.

  5. Found a pattern for the bulky yarn: Jacqueline (a cardigan from It’s coming along fine. Lower body is complete, first sleeve has been cast on. It’s slow going though because of the Rizotto patterning.

  6. Finished plying my brown Shetland. Got a 3-ply skein that weighs 94g (74.5yds) and a 2-ply skein that weighs 14g (17 yds).

  7. Have drafted up some Wensleydale, so I’ll be spinning that next. Going to try to do another 3-ply I think.

Books/TV/Other Entertainment:

  1. Read one of the Little House spin-off series books, Little House in the Highlands. I liked it, but it just didn’t captivate me like the original series has.

  2. Then I read a fairly sad book: The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. I knew going into it that it’d be upsetting, but it didn’t stop me from reading it.

  3. Still watching a lot of The Biggest Loser, but my current favourite show is Masterchef. I really hope Shelina makes it. Or Jay. I’d love for either of them to cook me dinner one day.

  4. Weather has been odd recently. +16C in February in northern England. Not complaining, the sunshine’s been lovely. Yes, I consider the weather entertaining.