Green Leaf Shrug and other knitting

From Blog photos

I finally have photos of my GLS. I took the Safire pattern by Hilary Smith Callis (free Ravelry download btw), modified it to suit my gauge and then added patterning to the sleeves. Even though it’s a teeny tiny sweater/cardigan (I’m planning on wearing it over strappy tops to work), it took me over a month to knit it. I think a part of it was because of all the mods I made and that I kept trying it on to see when it’ll fit. I also tried to use up as much of the yarn as possible so I had to keep weighing the remainder to see when to stop knitting the body and when to start the sleeves. There are more detailed photos on my Ravelry project page.

I can’t remember what I was knitting the last time I talked about it on here. So to recap from June: - Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl KAL by Wendy Johnson (WendyKnits) out of some pretty purple-y merino/silk yarn I bought from Chicago. - Knit a pair of mittens which will be a free download eventually; need to get it tested first. - Then there’s the shrug I just talked about. - I cast on a pair of Cusp socks (Cookie A) in some really happy orange yarn (luxe soles base, Citrus colorway) from Stitches’N’Rows. One sock done, second sock has about two inches done? It’s so nice to be knitting socks again. It’s been about nine months since the last time I knit socks! But my sock bin is overflowing, so I feel like I should wear some down before knitting more. - And finally, I’ve got the Spirit of Guernsey mystery KAL going right now. It’s a laceweight circular shawl. I’m using Ling (wool/silk) in Black Day Lily (black-ish purple to pinkish-yellow) and I decided to go with the beads too. They’re a pretty pale pink. I started out with #1, which is the darkest skein. Clue 4 came out on Friday. I’ve done eight rounds of the first repeat. These rounds take a really long time! I think we’re at over 700 sts per round now. So I seriously doubt that I’ll be done with the clue before the next one comes out.

I’ve also got some secret knitting going on and planning some more. Watch this space. ;)