Fire drill woke me up

Urgh.. had a fire drill this morning. At 7:30 a.m… Made me fall out of bed too. Plus Lewis banging on my door didn’t help.. -_-;; So I’ve been up ever since. It’s a really strange feeling, not having slept enough yet being so awake. And my being cheerful really confuses everyone. No caffeine in me. Naturally up. XD

So, going to Rotherham tonight, Leicester tomorrow then back to Aber on Sunday. Should find out today when I’ll be getting the rest of my stuff. o/

Spent an hour talking to my personal tutor yesterday. She’s really nice. :-)

I wanna do _some_thing.. I feel like I should do something! Can’t sit still.. Maybe they’ve added caffeine into the marmalade or toast I had this morning.. This is so unlike me. I really wish I had sneakers so I could go out for a walk or a run or something. Yesterday I went out and saw cows. Enjoying the sunshine just like me. ^-^

Erm, okay.. I’ll just wander around campus before French. No wait.. I won’t.. hrmph.. Can’t decide. Anywayz, I probably won’t post anything until next week. Since I won’t be here.. duh.. Okay, going..

fire drill, sleep deprivation, spazziness, walking