I’m back!!

Okay, I got back yesterday.. Really tired all day because I had to get up at like 3:30 (UK time that is.. which is what I live on nowadays). Was up for about 18 hours.. x_x;; Anyway, happy to be back. Not much work to catch up on since I did manage to do some on the plane rides. I had no idea that all the flights were less than an hour.. caught me by surprise there. But still.. talked to interesting ppl on the way to Brussels, slept mostly on the way back. And I was lucky enough to have a good night’s sleep last night. About 12 hrs.. ^-^

Erm.. haven’t done much today. Vacuumed, washed the kitchen floor, did laundry, made tea twice.. ^-^ Haven’t had tea for ages. But now that I’ve got my own mug and stuff I can tea again! o/ My new mug, spoon and bowl are all yellow. It’s a nice Easter-y kind of yellow. A bit darker than the yellow usually associated with baby yellow.. Oh, here’s a weird thing. None of my shirts can be tumble dried. Why is that? It’s so weird that I can’t throw them into a dryer. Although, three of the four dries in the Rosser block are broken so it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Still means that I need to go buy one of those vertical drying rack thingies. Caroline said that B-Wise and Woolworths’ might have them. So I’m going there on Tuesday. Should really be worth the money. Easier to dry clothes on them instead of hanging them from my closet doors etc.

Dr. Faustus is driving me nuts. I can’t find that many stylistic or thematic differences. And I’m stressing about the essay. Due next Monday. Thank God not tomorrow. At least we’ll be talking about it in the next seminar. So I should have the whole weekend to work on it.

I’ve heard that there’s a new kind of keyboard available. It doesn’t have any markings on it at all and it’s being marketed as the keyboard for the super-geeks or something. The ones that don’t really look at the board when they type. It’d be interesting to try one out. I don’t really look at the board anymore when I type, but sometimes when it’s a new board I have to look down. Like when I use a French keyboard. They’re really annoying. At least with the British and American keyboards all the letters are in the same places, it’s the punctuation that moves around. But in the AZERTY keyboards, practically everything’s been switched! Like the numbers, you gotta press the shift button to get to them. So annoying..

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