Going, going, gone

I’m going to Brussels tomorrow.. o_O Found out last night that I’m going this week. I wasn’t expecting to go until like next week. But this week it is. So I’m taking the 7:30 train to Birmingham Intl (changing at BNS), and my flight leaves for Amsterdam at 3 p.m. Apparently there’s a 2 hr stop over at Amsterdam so I need something to read or do.. probably gonna buy another puzzle book.. I like puzzles. ^-^ I’m coming back on Saturday (flight leaves at 6:30 a.m. -_-;;) so I should have enough time to get some work done then as well.. I’ve already informed all of my teachers that I can’t be in class/hand in assignments that are due on Friday. They seem fine with it. So all’s good there..

I think Niamh and Lewis do have something going on between them even if they don’t admit it. Like today, Oliver & I were sitting at the table in the kitchen working on Sudoku puzzles while Meilyr, Niamh and Lewis hung out on the beanbag & inflatable couch. Just the way that the two of them were sitting on the couch and the way they talked to each other.. I dunno. Maybe they’re just really good friends. Maybe not.. But they’re already talking about moving in together next year. Well, Lewis brought up the fact that next year we should move in together because we all get along so well. Plus it’d help with the whole buying stuff for our dining/lounge area. We wouldn’t have to split it all up at the end of the year. God.. they’re thinking of buying a dart board. That will so mess up the wall! Especially if someone decides to throw darts when they’re drunk. Unless they get adequate protection for the wall, like a huge board of.. what was it Lewis said? MDF?? Anyway.. I’m a bit iffy about the pool table as well.. But the idea of having a movie night in that room is quite cool. Really comfy couches, beanbags, etc.. Just set up a laptop and watch DVDs on it.. The screen might be too small though. Especially if there’s a huge bunch of us watching it.

Okay, I should go.. need to shower and stuff before I go to sleep. Especially because I gotta get up early! I miss my late mornings.. ;_;

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