I’ve made up my mind.. I think

Eh.. just fell over on the way over here. o_O It was on the stairs. Luckily no one saw me. I blame my shoes. I decided to try wearing the pink-ish heels that I bought from Tallinn during the summer. One heel got stuck on the hem of my jeans and voila.. there I was, sitting stupidly on the steps just outside of the Cwrt Mawr Communal Block. >_< So now, my right hand hurts. Fun..

Reading this helped though: http://www.livejournal.com/~ryosato/519044.html I especially liked the line “WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT”.

Anwayz.. haven’t done that much today. A load of laundry is now drying on my new drying rack. ^-^ Erm.. took out the trash since one else in the flat was willing to. It had been sitting there for a few days and I just couldn’t take the smell of it anymore. I have a feeling that I’m the one that cleans up in the kitchen the most. Sure Lewis usually takes out the trash and the others sporadically decide to wash everyone’s dirty dishes. But that’s about it. I wind up being the one scrubbing the stove (because I will not use a dirty one) and vacuuming the place every week. I don’t really mind the vacuuming since I like doing that.. it’s just that the state of the stove irks me. And it’s usually one of the guys that messes it up too! No idea what they’re cooking… Well, I won’t be here for the inspection (or the major clean up for it).. They can’t complain about it though. They’d better not.

We finally have a house! We can move in on the 21st. Yay! / And I won’t have to do any of the moving in either. Lucky me. Well, I don’t think they’ll unpack my boxes for me, but they’ll at least bring them all into my room and put together my bed. And I can have the piano in my room. ^__^

I know I keep yo-yoing with the idea of going to the States next on an exchange program, but this time I really think I have decided what I’m gonna do. I’m going to University of Georgia for one semester (they won’t let me stay a whole year) and it’ll be the fall semester. Just for the simple reason that it’s football season during the fall. And I definitely want to be there then. Plus the weather’ll prolly be a whole lot better over there then it is over here. Gets dark before 5.. me no like-y. Reminds me too much of Finland. Plus, I can refine my accent while I’m in Georgia. Make it more Southern. I like that accent a lot. Don’t mind at all if people think I’m from the States. I love their expressions when they realize that I’m not. XD And Thanksgiving over at my sister’s!

Edit: Oh for Pete’s sake.. the on earth is the matter with Wordpress now? I just want ONE word to be in bold, not the rest of the damn post.. won’t let me! ;_;

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