Quick update

Haven’t done much this past week while Oliver has been here. All of my schoolwork has been done, with the exception of my Pope essay (haven’t started it yet, but I will as soon as I’ve written this, or then on the way back from Rotherham when I’ve finally got my laptop).

Went down to the beach yesterday. Just walked around.. saw birds flying in a really strange formation. I think they were preparing to migrate or something. Just loads and loads of small birds twittering around the North Beach. o.O Can’t blame ’em though. It’s getting to be really cold over here. But at least today’s a nice sunny day. Not overcast like usual. And not windy!

Handed in my portfolio on Friday.. glad that’s over and done with. Good thing Oliver was here, so he read it and pointed out typos or some bits of grammar that didn’t sound quite right. I wonder when they’ll be returned to us.. I know that I’ll be getting my Dr. Faustus essay back on Thursday before my seminar. Hope I did okay.. so far she had marked half of them and the lowest mark she had given was 55 pts. Out of 100 pts. And 55 is above average. I’m hoping for something like 65 or better..

Reeeeeeeeally tired. I swore that I’d be in bed with the lights turned off by midnight, but like I sort of expected, I was up past 3 a.m. just talking with Oliver. Not fun getting up at 8 with only about 4 hrs sleep.. x_x

We won a SuperMarioKart game on eBay. ^-^ So now we can race on more than just the four tracks you get with a single pak link up. The game should arrive by Tuesday. o/

Well, I’m hungry (ran out of milk so didn’t get to have a properly filled bowl of Frosties this morning) so I’m gonna go grab something before Writer’s Art..

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