Stressed just a bit.. ^^;;

Well, just got a text message from my dad saying that he’ll be coming over to Aber to see me on Friday. I’m really happy to see him and all, but why did he have to pick this weekend? I have an essay due on Monday. ;_; And if he’s coming over, then that means I won’t get anything done on Saturday. I won’t get back to Aber until Thursday myself… >_< So, I’ve started writing my essay here in Rotherham.. only have 100 words so far. Need about 900 more.. I have no idea what to say though. That’s the annoying thing. Bleh..

Good thing Oliver’s just gotten “Smackdown vs. Raw 2006”. It’s keeping him occupied while I work. He’s been at it all day today. Well, we did have a small race (we have two Mariokarts now o/). But other than that, he’s been playing Smackdown. We watched wrestling last night.. Eddie Guerrero (sp?) died in his hotel room. The news surprised us both. So just before and after commercials they showed other wrestlers and ppl who knew him talking about him. And they showed clips of Eddie performing. The one where he was auctioning off a wheelchair or something was funny. :)

Anyway, tomorrow I’m gonna go buy my comp. We might go bowling with Ryan later. So I really should go now. Gotta get my essay into some sort of decent shape..

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