Rude awakening

Urgh.. the fire alarm just went off. Good thing I was wake, unlike the others in my flat. XP No idea what caused it to go off. Was folding laundry when it went off, grumbling about the fact that we don’t have a working iron anymore. Meilyr dropped the one we do have and, well.. it ain’t workin’. Grr..

I should start my essay.. I’m going over to Rotherham tomorrow. Then on Tuesday I’m going over to Comet to complain about this laptop. On Friday, it just froze. The mouse and screen were fine, but I just couldn’t use the keyboard at all. Shut down and restarted like 3 times before I gave up. It’s a brand new computer. It shouldn’t do that. Yeah, so I need to start my essay. Good thing I’ve got the weekend to write it as well. It’s Ryan’s birthday then and I’d really want to go, but unfortunately, my essay is a bit more important. Damn Wordsworths.. Why do they choose boring subjects for us to study? I mean really. This journal is sooooooo dull, and the essay question isn’t even about the journal; it’s about her brother’s poem! Then our next assignment… Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse. On the back cover it says that it’s “an enduring work of art”. I’ve read about one third of it and it’s boring me to tears already. I just don’t like the way she writes. I can put up with Pope and Marlowe with their difficult lengthy lines and weird words, even Dorothy’s complaining of headaches all the time, but geez. Maybe it’ll get better once I’m a bit farther in the book. That’s my only hope for VW right now…

Roisin came over last night. We watched The Stepford Wives. Still good. Gladly watch it again when Oliver comes over. ^-^

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