Estonian mouse cheese…

Yup, that’s what I just ate. Estonian mouse cheese. At first when I glanced at the packet, I thought it said “Mouse cheese” in Finnish. Nope, upon closer inspection I realized it said “Hiirte juust”. That’s not Finnish. But I still understood it. That’s how close those two languages are to each other. So yeah, my dad brought over loads of cheese for me. I’ve got at least 4 different types in the fridge now. Good thing I like cheese somewhat.

I’ve finished my essay! o/ In the end I got 1,186 words. I had to cut it down just a bit, so I won’t lose any points. :) Now.. next it’s Wordsworth. That’ll be a load of fun. In the end, this Pope essay wasn’t too bad. I found something to talk about. Let’s just hope that that happens with my next essay as well.

It’s no fun having a sore throat and a cough. Hopefully my symptoms of sickness will just stay there. I don’t like being sick.. all snuffly and icky.. But at least I’ve now got 3 DVDs to keep me company if I get even sicker. LOTR 2 & 3 and The Stepford Wives. Just watched Mean Girls. Borrowed it from Laney. I heard that she’s got Donnie Darko as well.. might ask to borrow that sometime..

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