It’s December! o/

Which means that I’ve only got 2 weeks left to do my Christmas shopping. Well, I’ve already gotten something small for Jade, which I’ll supplement with something.. not giving away details of what I’m getting everyone. :-P Then tomorrow I’ll go buy Jaz’s present and possibly Mom’s. No clue what to get Dad. Oliver’s present.. well, I’ve found something that I think he’d really like except.. the store doesn’t have it anymore. So I’ll just have to come up with something else while I’m in Belgium. Unless I can find it in another store tomorrow..

Right, so on Monday when I left, I had scrubbed the stove etc. I come back today… it’s a mess. That is soooooo annoying. And I have no clue who messes it up. It’s not Dani or Niamh (since they don’t really use the stove), not Caroline because she feels the same way I do about the kitchen.. so that leaves the guys. Grr…

Apparently the thing that made my keyboard freeze up is a well known glitch or bug or whatever in the A1650 series or whatever it is I have as a comp. And there’s a downloadable patch online. So now it seems to be in working condition again..

I’m going back home on the 17th (need to take the 5 a.m. train to make it to my plane, what a load of fun that’ll be.. what if the train’s late? Then what?) and then I’m going over to Oliver’s on the 27th. Which means I’ll make it in time for the card game he’s been talking about so much. :) It’s only fair that I go over there this Christmas. He came over to Finland last year, so now it’s my turn. Then next year he’ll come over to Belgium. Simple. :-P

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