They’re done!

Go me. I’ve now gotten all my school work done that’s due on the 9th. o/ No need to worry about will it get lost in the mail or anything like that. Now I can relax during my holiday. ^-^ This portfolio was a bit easier to write, I think. Got two long-ish renges and one multiple POV story plus a vignette where I tried the stream of consciousness that Woolf used. I’m happy with it. And that’s what counts.

Got my Wordsworth essay back today. Another 60. So basically I’m on a good standing of getting a 2.1. If they gave out actual grades this year that is. Not just the simple Pass or Fail.. XD I’m hoping that for my Woolf essay I’d get a 63.. my tutor did say that it was by far my strongest essay yet, so.. *keeping fingers crossed*

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