Exams are done! o/

But not that big of an achievement seeing as I only had one of them. XD Anyway, French exam was this morning. Seemed to go fine. The only bit that made me go O_O;; was putting the verbs into the imperfect tense. I couldn’t remember us covering that in class but it did eventually pop into my head. Then afterwards I met Roisin for coffee and we discussed the exam. She couldn’t remember us doing the imperfect tense either. Later on I saw Mike online and he said that he wasn’t sure we did them in class either. But he did remember them from doing his GCSEs so he got them in the end. ^-^

Gonna go see my personal tutor in about 45 mins about my Woolf essay. I’m guessing I got something like 60 from it. That seems to be the grade I get for my essays. I’m also gonna ask her about the North American Exchange Program. The guidelines say I need to discuss the suitability of the courses offered over in the participating unis so that’s what I’ll do. I can’t really go to Utica or Washington State because they don’t offer Creative Writing courses. So Penn State, U of Montana and U of Pittsburgh are my choices. In that order also goes my preference. But unless my dad gets a move on and gets my old boss the reference paper he needs to fill in, I won’t be able to apply. Annoying. >_<

I’ve also taken out three books from the library today. Just to get a head start on the reading that needs to be done for my courses. At least 16 books this semester. Urgh… But on the bright side, I’ve already read two (The Franklin’s Tale by Chaucer and Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen). 14 to go.. Still better than taking Beginner’s French this semester. XD

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