Yayness! I’ve completed my next essay which is due next Monday. I was talking to some of the people in my seminar and they stayed up until like 4 am writing the essay that was due today. I dunno, I guess I sorta feel like a nerd for having finished things early. But, if I want to go away two consecutive weekends, then I need to get all of my work done beforehand so I can enjoy myself. Oooh, if I’m feeling really productive, I might be able to finish off the essay that’s not due for another month! XD

So this morning I filled out the application papers. Since I don’t have a credit card, I had to borrow Oliver’s. Again. Grr, annoying not having one. I did pick up a form to fill in to get one though.. (the Yahoo money smiley would be really appropriate here).

And on my way to the bus stop, I saw some really really cute boots. Didn’t have the time to stop and actually see if they had any in my size or even their price. So I’m going back into town on Wednesday to check them out again. The same time that I go drop off the credit card application, the bank statement for Montana and I have a doctor’s appointment then too. Well, will have. I tried making one today and found out that they have a new system that they only take appointments for the day that you call. So I gotta call them on Wednesday again. Anyway, the reason why I’m going is that I got a letter today saying that I need to get a cervical smear test done and the place over here that does it is booked until June 14th. Plus, I want to talk about going on the Pill..

When I tried describing the boots to Krisi, she couldn’t remember the shoes I was trying to compare these boots to, so now I’ve made a pics page of all the shoes I have here with me. With the exception of sneakers. No one needs to see those. XP

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